Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Make Love Pay

Usually, only pornographers, divorce lawyers, pimps and hookers can truly make love PAY.

Now, you can... although you have to live/visit Cape Cod if you want to cash in.

$100 gift certificate to Alberto's Ristorante on Main Street in Hyannis , a place that I absolutely adore.... for whoever writes the best Love Story.

The bad news? You're in the contest against me, and I'm undefeated in blogging contests.

The good news? My entry involves vomiting, and has a pratfall.

Give it a shot... and this especially means YOU, Beth.


Also... any blogger in Michigan who is crazy enough to do what I tell them to will get free AOL for life. Contact me for details.


lurkynat said...

Dear Mon,
I''l move right in! lol~~~~~~~~
(doing the wave....) Hey Monponsett good luck! Do we get to read yours after/

coelha said...

Um....  I'm not going to enter..  Alberto's is too far away for this California girl to bother.  I'll tell the ex-husband tho--he lives in NJ.  He can submit at least one "romantic" internet love affair story to amuse...  Julie :)  Happy Valentines!!

monponsett said...

The prize can always be donated to Smurfs.

lrpatton said...


Good story! Glad to know that ladies are prepared in such a way to include toothpaste and dental floss. Hope the ankle healed completely! LOL

And I was hoping to see a story on the two ladies in the picture above...sooo hot!

Anyways, good story.


monponsett said...

That would be college.