Wednesday, February 1, 2006



Things I Would Do If I Were Seattle, Washington

- change the state motto to "No... not that Washington."  

- dress the Seahawaks in denim and flannel

- put up a big fence to keep people from sneaking into Canada after the Super Bowl 

- settle Native American reparations by giving them exclusive Sasquatch hunting rights  

- alter the history books to show Seattle chasing the British away by dumping coffee in the harbor  

- talk Angelina Jolie into making a Lumberjack movie  

- use the Space Needle as a sort of huge bottle cap for Mount Saint Helens.  

- award Sir Mix-a-Lot the title of "Mayor For Life"  

- make bumper stickers that say "Hendrix, Cobain, and Constant Rain"

- not worry about hosting a Super Bowl parade

1 comment:

lurkynat said...

Awww Mon.....Silly Silly!
Does Angelina live nearby?
I once met someone who was around when Mont St Helena erupted! Sheesh!
Hugs you knoodle Snow Smurf!