Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chainsaw Carving

At the Artisans Gallery, Main Street, Buzzards Bay


A piece of wood, to some...


... but not to Wayne DeMoranville.


Hell, no... this guy kicks ass. I didn't stay to the end, but I'm told that this is a Cranberry Pickin' Bear.


He's a chainsaw sculptor, and I think that more kids would be into Art if they knew that it could be created with chainsaws.


I don't care how badly it could maul me.... a bear in search of honey is the cutest thing at the top of the food chain.


There's a similar one to this near my cottage in the Village.


Nice beaver...


Just a man and his Banjo Bear.


This is actually one end of a bench the dude made.


Big ups to for the pics


No one carved this with a chainsaw, but isn't it cute? That's the Cape Cod Railroad Bridge that Santa is checking out...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bye, Tourists

We had a bit of a tropical storm yesterday, but it was merely a glancing blow. It happened on Bye Tourists Weekend, which is when most of the tourists go home.

We got to put up the Storm Warning flags.



This is Chatham, MA.


Some clouds moving over the Bourne Railroad Bridge.


The windmill at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.


Not a bad boat if you can afford it.


A loon, which we know as a Daffy Duck.


Coastal churches favor the Nautical look.

I used to go to St. Margaret's, until I saw that the Episcopalians had this cool fisherman on the door. Sorry, God... I had to switch teams.

Fishing for striped bass in the Cape Cod Canal. The Bourne Bridge is in the background.


Morning Glory


Halloween comes early in Wareham.


Crack Rocks!