Sunday, February 12, 2006

Not So Bad So Far

   Sloppy Dog fears no frozen precipitation.  She ran around, snuck her snout in the snow, and pounced a lot. 

   It's a fine beach day if you are part Labrador Retreiver. She'll actually go into the ocean after swans in worse cold than this.

   To be honest, this really isn't that bad... although we're only about 6 hours into it. The heavy snow bands are working their way over to the Cape, but the worst of it seems to be moving along the I-95 corridor.


   We'll rely on my sister in Duxbury- who I can't get through to on the phone- to get us the ocean storm shots. This is Buttermilk Bay, and we don't even have waves.


   A big part of a Blizzard is the loss of visibility. This is what they mean by that. You can usually see all the way across the harbor.

The same vantage point, in September:



teeisme57 said...

Looks like we got the 12 inches they promised us here. Things are tapering off now and the winds never got as bad as they predicted.

lurkynat said...

Dearest Smurfette! wowsers!
Sloppy Dog needs a sled! And shouldn't he have some Cognac and bea Saint Bernard??? Wow woman, the Alps have not seen worse!(((((MOnponsett)))))
please pul those covers up snugly and don't catcha cold! we love you!

fdtate714 said...

Looks pretty good.  We didn't get squat in north Georgia.