Sunday, September 4, 2005

A Letter From Pastor Sprague




There is nothing like meeting for church with a remnant of 50 people who ar simply glad to be alive.  The simplicity of life and the gratefulness of people is breathtakingly good.  The stories of God's goodness in the storm are inspiring.

-A young Mexican man bicycled out of Slidell in the middle of the hurricane and survived.  One of our people found him having not eaten since the storm, and took care of his needs.

- Last night I had dinner with a man whose brother-in-law fled to Houston with his family.  On the way they realized all their money was gone.  Imagine no money, not knowing what's next for their family.  Of course, this puts a little stress on marital communication and in the midst of an argument the man hits 75 in a 45 mph zone and sees flashing lights.  The family pulls over.  The wife looks out of the back window and sees her husband sobbing and the policeman patting him on the shoulder. 
Shortly after her husband walks up the car carrying a wad of cash.  The officer had emptied his wallet into this man's life.  Wow!  My guess is that they didn't report this on television.

-As I write, two huge military helicopters landed a stories throw from where I am standing.  Thank God for the military, police, fire, electrical, FEMA, Red Cross, etc. who are starting to pour into our area.  Some electricity was restored along the highway today.

Please pray:

1.  Jo Swan found out her uncle drowned today.  Two city officials committed suicide from the stress, many, many families are dispersed, paychecks are jeopardized, and everyone is trying to make it up as they go along.  Pray for comfort, wisdom, peace, creativity, ingenuity, and everything else.

2.  Pray for a 9:00 a.m. meeting with Jim from the EFCA tomorrow morning who can help us coordinate the efforts of 1400 plus churches across the country.  Trinity is in an extremely strategic location to be used as a staging ground over the year.

3.  Pray for resources.  Trinity Church has opened up two emergency accounts in response to the hurricane disaster.

-Hurricane Survival Fund
This is a fund for Trinity Church to simply stay afloat financially.  No offerings have been taken the last two weeks, and only a remnant remains here.  People are scattered throughout the south and it will be months before any semblance of normalcy returns.

-Hurricane Relief Fund:
This fund will be administered by Trinity Church to assist the displaced, poor and needy with help with food, clothing, housing, money, etc.  The needs are great and we are called to serve this community.  Ourintent is to preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary use words.  Spiritual and material needs will be a priority.

If you don't designate a fund, we will trust God to lead us as to where to distribute the funds.


For all of you financially savvy people who would like to wire money these are the instructions:

First National Bankers Bank
5551 Corporate Boulevard
Suite 3-R
Baton Rouge, LA  70898
ABA/Routing #065403370

for credit to:
Resource Bank
2190 N. Causeway Boulevard
Mandeville, LA  70471
ABA/Routing #065405242

for further credit to:
Trinity Evangelical Free Church
19380 N. 10th Street
Covington, LA  70433

Hurricane Relief Fund #3029543
Hurricane Survival Fund #3029535

The outpouring of letters I am getting by e-mail is life-giving and encouraging.  The expressions of generosity is extraordinary.  When I shared with with people this morning, there were tears of delight and smiles of hope.  We are trusting God and partnering with you.  Thank you.

Still Betting the Farm on God,

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