Monday, September 19, 2005

Almost Kinda Sport Videos

Big Ups To, or whatever it is.... tremendous place to raid.

Dunking competition  (1995 High School Dunk Contest... between 17 year olds Vince Carter and Paul Pierce)


Perfect stone skipping (I grew up on a beach, and this is just f***** incredible)


A bit excessive Taser usage by (I love TASERS)


Backyard wrestling  (for legal purposes, try to make sure this isn't your back yard.)


Insane stealing contest (Or I hope this shopkeeper doesn't keep a gun handy)


Motorbike racing accident  (everybody lived)


Top ten NBA fights  (I've seen better fights in sorority houses, but someone might like this)


Cool kickboxing video (I haven't watched this one yet, but it looks promising)


Massive group fight (Looks like the Beat It video, with Nirvana fans)

 Skaters anger a security guy  (when you go toe-to-toe with a thirteen year old and don't win decisively,  you should really turn in the badge.)

Cheering up the audience  (sometimes, you should Just Say No)


Russian helicopter gets shotted on   (Stinger Anti-Aircraft Missile, Afghanistan, 1980... sort of like skeet, but with Soviets)


Great knockout video  (I would have let this fight continue)

Knee on the face    (my kinda girl)


this video (this is my personal favorite)


Hooligans compilation (Aahhhh... good ol' Europe)

Tracy McGrady 13 points in 37 seconds (I used to score like this at Worcester State... just not on the court)


Hockey fan gets his ass beat by the players in middle of a game  (I haven't seen this one yet, but I'm thinking "Mike Milbury")


Surfing on waves caused by the hurricane (glad SOMEONE enjoyed it)


Nuclear explosion  (They actually make a pretty cloud, if you can ignore the massive loss of life)


Greatest NFL hits compilation (this isn't a musical)


Cheerleaders playing football  (or Operation Give The Ball To The Black Girl)


Precision bombing  (Death From Above)


Huge chemical plant explosion (L'ooops!)


Grenade in a washing machine (better call that Maytag repairman, and tell him to bring the van)


Patrick Flanigan, very accurate (straight up gangsta, wrong n**** to f**** with)


Crazy gun - 600 roundsper minute (This would blast through the People's Republic Of China in like 6 hours)


Some man exhibits the P90 assa<FONTCOLOR=#FFFF00 size="4"> (If you hunted with this, you'd only bring back hamburger)


Insane skateboard jump (The Why Games)


Midget wars (SHUT UP)


Great knockout kick ((I remember watching this... Seoul olympics... french girl tastes the foot)


Amazing chip by Tiger Woods


Amazing basketball shots (I'm smooth like that)


Fight in a Lacrosse game (Like hockey, but on grass)


Baseball players have fights t (Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack... then let's go over and kick somebody in the back)


Sports bloopers compilation (DOH!)


I wonder how much timeit took (N****please")


Football tackles compilation (Why they earn so much) 


The best of boxing compilation (from the hardest to the softest... for me to beat a n**** down is a day at the office)


Compilation of knock outs from ((Did you want some more? I didn't think so... You just got whipped, like a p**** in the clink, yo)



Pretty nice soccer skills (I'm nice like this... only nicer)


Santa catches a robber and the (Season's Beatings!!)


Compilation of all kinds of po (tornado, etc...)


Very short high school fight (No jokes, s'il vous plait)


L.A. to New York  (time lapse)


These girls make some huge noi (Rrrrrrow!!!!)


A skinhead gets his ass beaten (the Master Race looks pretty stupid here)


Jet vs. Racecar vs. Motorbike(only one has missiles)


Granpa's still virile enough t (The Viagra WORKS!!)


Harsh commentator  (better luck next time)


Some kid gets knocked out in a (This kid gets TOOLED on)


Billabong Odyssey (Sharks think this guy is too crazy to eat)


[Mighty MJD]  (Some dude gets his bell rung)


Another pointless chicks fight (I'd have bitten someone in minute one)


Apache helicopter vs. Lotus sp (I could dust both of these fools in the Smurfmobile)


Crazy knife guy killed by cops  (I told you we meant it)


North Korean way of controllin (By the people, for the people)


I wonder how many bones he bro (Doh II!!)


Big hockey fight


geefred53 said...

That security guy has some major issues to be addressed

monponsett said...

The security guard has bigger issues than anger management .... he went toe-to-toe with a 14 year old and not only didn't win... but he lost the last 45 seconds of the fight. My students would have dogpiled that guy the moment his first punch failed to knock out the kid, and they would have been doing so gleefully when the kid began to land unanswered right hands to the guard's face.

geefred53 said...

stacey, can you change the type color or the backround color, even with my glasses on, I'm straining to see what's there :!)

swibirun said...

I don't even know where to start.  These were amazing and I can't believe you haven't had a million comments about these!  I don't remember how many times I said holy s@#) or laughed.

LOVED the mauy thai kickboxing one.  That guy had great knee strikes and lightning fast round kicks.  I worked my butt off this morning at the dojo but now I feel like I need to go back and work even harder!  

Also loved the surfing video.  Reminded me of surfing Hurricane Hugo when it narrowly passed NE Florida when I was much younger.   That is THE most fun and intense day I have ever had.

I have book marked this entry because I couldn't finish watching them all.  Great compilation!


onemoretina said...

after watching all these...I am still amazed at the skipping stone guy.  Tina

lrpatton said...

Frankly, I didn't comment because I didn't watch them. I still have dial up connection and it just takes to long to download.

I'm thinking when I get rich nect month, I'll come back and watch them, then I'll comment.


monponsett said...

My home has a more military bearing than many, but the Stinger Missile and the Washing Machine Grenade are getting the most play at the Monponsett house. If the men are taken out of the equation, the balance shifts towards the teenagers being knocked out in fistfights.