Friday, April 15, 2005

Pro Athlete Tax Exemptions

Top Attempted Tax Deductions by Your Favorite Athletes:

- Dry Cleaning the beer out of my jersey after I fight the city of Detroit (Ron Artest)

- Fees paid to doormen so that I can illegally enter a club (Lebron James)

- Supporting an Entourage Exemption (Carmello Anthony)

- Token White Guy exemption (Austin Croshere)

- Work Stoppage exemption (NHL)

- While I was on steroids, I aggressively paid 127% of what I owed, and am due a sizable refund (Jason Giambi)

- Senate Hearing/Book Promotion travelling costs (Jose Canseco)

- 350 hypodermic needles (Mark McGwire)

- Mistress Relocation Fees (Barry Bonds)

- Agent Switching Early Withdrawl Fees (Carlos Boozer)

- Shutting Up My Wife With A Fat Diamond Exemption (Kobe Bryant)

- Declares himself a National Park (Leonard Davis)

- Registered as a National Historic Site (Red Auerbach)

- 14 million dependents (Latrell Sprewell)

- Currency transfer losses (Vince Carter)

- I only pay taxes in odd-numbered years (multiple)

- God told me not to pay (Deion Sanders)

- Prostitutes and legal fees (Denny Neagle)

- Booster income (Maurice Clarett)

- I don't live in Texas, so I don't pay....Oh, taxes? (unknown)

- Books, Tuition, Room/Board......just kidding (Dwight Howard)

- Failed Record Label losses (Ron Artest)



cneinhorn said...

I like Kobe's exemption! LOL

geefred53 said...

I didn't even read this last blog, the altercation last night, just supported my belief, that Boston if not Mass. people are bigots, more so than anywhere in this country of ours, I can tell you facts that I have witnessed with people I have been in contact with who are from boston, people in boston, make the KKK look like amateurs, and it's a good reason I would not like to live there.

courlog said...

- Shutting Up My Wife With A Fat Diamond Exemption (Kobe Bryant)