Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mock Draft

1) SF- Alex Smith

2) Miami- Ronnie Brown

3) Cleveland- Braylon Edwards

4) Chicago- Cedric Benson

5) Tampa Bay- Cadillac

6) Tenny- Antrell Rolle

7) Minnesota- Mike Williams

8) Arizona- Aaron Rogers

9) Washington- Pac Man

10) Detroit- Derrick Johnson

11) Dallas- Demarcus Ware

12) San D- Shawne Merriman

13) Houston- Alex Barron

14) Carolina- Troy Williamson

15) Kansas City- Thomas Davis

16) N'Awlins- Carlos Rogers

17) Cincy- Travis Johnson

18) Minny- Erasmus Jones

19) Slewy- Jamaal Brown

20) Dallas- Marcus Spears

21) Jax- David Pollack

22) Baltimore-Khalif Barnes

23) Seatown-Dan Cody

24) GB- Matt Roth

25) Washington- Shaun Cody

26) Oakland- Fabian

27) Atlanta- Mark Clayton

28) SD- Roddy White

29) Indy- Justin Miller

30) Pittz- Heath Miller

31) Philly- Brodney Pool

32) Your Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots- Odell Thurman




belfastcowboy75 said...

Great mock draft, Stacey. You nailed the running backs and should have been right on the corners. I wish Piolicek had taken Pool or Ruud at 32. Mankins might've lasted until early round 3.

monponsett said...

I'm not really that good at this........notice what time/date I submitted that article.

geefred53 said...

TskTskTsk ;>)

toatway734 said...

You did an awful lot better than most "gurus"