Thursday, March 17, 2005

Steroid Hearings Live!

   Urged by many, I changed the colors of the journal. Some people say it is hard to read, and I'll probably mess with it a f   ew more times. Please excuse any difficulties, and hit me up with any questions/comments/advice.

   Wanna listen/watch the baseball steroid hearings while you work at the office? Check this link:

 Watch Live Video of Hearing

   If you want to hear some old guys talk, follow that link. I don't know when the good stuff starts. Senator Jim Bunning is being called up as a witness at 10:35 Am EDT.

"It's not their's our game....they just have the privilege of playing it for a few years."

"Willie Mays and Ted Williams didn't bulk up by forty pounds when they were thirty five years old."

   I'm waiting to see Jose up there. How tremendous will he be under Senate inquiry? I wonder if he'll wear a purple blazer or something....and God knows what he'll say.

   I wish Bonds were testifying. Wearing wraparound shades, he could sit there in a wife-beater that shows off his guns. Ignoring the proceedings, doing curls whenever someone tries to talk to him. When he finally answers, he could just be like... "Sorry Senator....I was getting Big."

   Several Senators speak out on the weakness of the drug penalty in MLB. They note that the NFL puts you out for 1/4 of the season, while MLB is only 1/16th. Would they make Governor Schwarzenegger miss a year of his term? Edolphus Towns called out Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhnold as I wrote that last line.

   Doesn't Congress have anything better to do?   



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