Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring Haiku


   Still snow everywhere here in Monponsett

   Every now and then, I like to work in Haiku. 3 lines, with the first line having 5 syllables, the second line having 7 syllables, and the third line having 5 syllables.

   It's beautiful in the sheer simplicity of it. If Willy Shakes from Stratford-on-Avon and you get into a Haiku're both working within the same limitations.

   To keep it both Spring and Sports, I will focus my Haikus on two topics that are in the sports news this March. The Baseball/Senate hearings, and the NCAA March Madness Tournament.



Nothing says springtime

like seeing a baseball team

stand before Congress


Mark McGwire look:

Brawny Paper Towel Guy

with Popeye forearms


He took supplements

to get really, really BIG

and hit the ball far


Barry Bonds isn't there

and he'd be the most fun to

see testifying


Maybe the roid rage

will make Mark lose his mind and

pimp slap Senators


I doubt that happens

I never get what I want

Lucky for us, huh?





I check my bracket

Alabama is ousted

but I'm still in it


BC took on Penn

we beat them like lazy serfs

Milwaukee awaits


I bet BC , yes

a dark horse national champ

It is Boston's year


We'll thrash Milwaukee

rip out their small intestine

and show it to them


One of our players

was attacked by some armed men

the game? no pressure


when guns point at you

and you jump out a window

that's pressure...not hoop


I need a title

for my Boston College roots

I consider it a must

Weekend Assignment #51: Write a haiku about spring!

Haiku is three lines:
Five syllables, then seven
And then five again.

The Extra Credit:
A drawing or a picture
Showing spring in bloom!



robhwjr said...

This is really, really tough to read now, though still and always a pleasure.


geefred53 said...

When you have this ability,about a compassion thought about it all, you are a stranded person.

plittle said...

The font IS pretty small. Fun haikus, though.

cneinhorn said...

too many steroid
using ball players take the
fun out of baseball...

there's my ku for you :-)


mlobb10 said...

these are really fun haiku's, well done!

dornbrau said...

Nothing says springtime
like seeing a baseball team
stand before Congress

Boy, if we were voting, that one would be my #1 choice!

rebelchick2214 said...

THAT is what I call a haiku. Forget that mushy flowery business, let's talk baseball. Well done. (Kinda like my haiku except yours is much better.)

Amber -

onemoretina said...

Very nicely done !! Tina

too2normal said...

thank god golf is a spring sport too.

spring is in the air
golf ball begs to be stricken
can par be in site?

Sports and Haikus never thought i would see it.