Saturday, December 3, 2005

Smurf Auction

   I sell in the $4 millions, and I'm cheap at the price. If I looked like the girl above, I'd ask for $10 milly.

   I scored well on this, mostly due to the fact (well, I'm guessing) that I have a lot of real estate income, consider myself to be athletic and funny, did well on the SATs, and told them I was bisexual.

   I stole this off fellow CodBlogger Kinepela... here's the link to that:


randlprysock said...


lurkynat said...

Smurfette! I think you're priceless as in no money can cover what youare worth

moltenhalo said...

I like the idea, and thanks for the pic of the hottie!  :D  I went and rated myself, and sadly, was well below you, but well above what I thought I would bring.  Now, if I could just take out some of that equity!  :)  

monponsett said...

You were probably honest, which is bad to do in any negotiation for cash. For instance, they believed that I got a 1900 on my SATs.