Sunday, December 18, 2005

Coming soon...Dennis Rodman on SBL

Dennis Rodman  makes an appearance on 

  • Sports Bloggers Live!
  • soon. Here's what I'm interested in hearing about from him:  

    Dennis Rodman Questions:  

    - Who performs better in bed... Madonna or Carmen Electra?  

    - Did Air Jordan get mad when other guys shot the ball?  

    - Was it hard not to LOL when Coach Jackson started in with all that Zen nonsense?  

    - The argument at my house is that Pippen is either gay, or that he gets a ton of hot chicks. What's the dilly?   

    - When does Double Team II  come out?  

    - Has he ever considering consolidating with Roy Tarpley and Ron Artest for an All-Insane frontcourt  

    - What size dress does a 6'8" guy wear?  

     - Did Bill Laimbeer get girls?  

    - Ask him if there's such a thing as a "Triangle Offense," or is that a Zen term for "let Air Jordan shoot all the time."  

    - Were you ever so mad after a Spurs home loss that you went out into the street and beat Mexicans?  

    - Did he stop listening to Coach Jackson's theories of Zen once he realized that Jackson didn't know how to do roundhouse kicks?  

    - What's it like being a 6'8" rainbow-haired black guy in Texas?      


    See if you can trick him into:

    A) Outing a gay NBA player, perhaps Avid-Day Obinson-Ray  

    B) Saying that Larry Bird wasn't that good, and only got attention because he was white  

    C) Saying that he could kick Van Damme's ass  

    D) Revealing Madonna or Carmen Electra's favorite sexual position  

    E) Honoring the player with the biggest unit he ever saw in the NBA shower rooms  


    heavenlyearthnr said...

    Hi Ms. Stacey,

    Your comment to John Scalzi's entry "attack of the edible snowman", had me on the floor!  I actually had to recover from the pain in my stomach and the tears in my eyes, from laughing hysterically!  I was thinking the same thing, so it was too funny to see someone agree!  Wow, I thought I needed to share!  You put a heck of a smile on my face, with so little and no effort at all! Thanks :)

    Best Holidays,

    vortexgirl said...

    You are such a bad girl.  Very funny though.  I have to admitt that I too would like to know the answers to some of those questions.  ;)