Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Diecast Dude's Book Dude's Book

   'Tis the season to tailgate someone at 185 mph and smash some rookie into a fiery death on the turn.

   OK... that's not the true carol... but if NASCAR was around in Israel when Jesus was born, there would definitely be some sort of mention of it in any literature from that period.

   In fact, Jesus may have been tempted to slide in through the window and do one of those crazy Victory Lap donuts while red-lining the RPM needle. At worst, it would have made Mel Gibson's movie a lot less depressing.

    We are rarely afforded the opportunity to change things that happened in Nazareth in 4 BC. That's probably a good thing. A better thing is checking out the link I'm providing

   That's a link to Diecast Dude's book, Restrictor Plate THIS! : An Unapologetic Look At Stock Car Racing.

  Sure, you could go out and get your spouse a scarf for Christmas. Scarves are handy, they keep the neck warm, they can be used again and again, and are often made in festive colors.

    Or you can take the carving knife and jam it into your own frontal lobe. Both acts would have the same effect on your enjoyment of the holiday.

   Why ruin a marriage with a bad gift, when you can pretty much guarantee a Christmas morning smile when they see Restrictor Plate THIS!  sitting under the tree with a nice red bow. 

    Even a non-fan will benefit from a literary examination of a cultural phenomena that screams Americana like a hot dog at a county fair.

   At worst... if you don't enjoy the book.... you have the real names of a couple of authors (foreword by Monponsett), and you can hunt us down and kill us.

   It's Win-Win.

   Don't waste time. Get to crackin' on ordering this book. You can thank (or stalk/kill) me later.

MC Ren: "I hope you buy my album.... or don't buy it- I already got paid.... or buy it anyway... maybe I'll get paid more."


vortexgirl said...

It's a book so I guess I would read it.  I would rather drive in Indy than watch though.  :):):)

diecastdude24 said...

The forward alone is worth the purchase price... it is by Monponsett, in case you didn't pick up on that... and hopefully you'll like the rest of the book as well.

lurkynat said...

Dear Smurf
cool idea!
love, natalie