Friday, November 11, 2005

Check It


   Jamie Mottram represents AOL and the Blogosphere on Cold Pizza, ESPN2's ("the Deuce," as spots fans who don't remember Mussolini call it) morning show. Jamie, who hosts AOL's internet radio show Sports Bloggers Live(check the banner link on top of this page), is brought on for his blogging expertise. His expertise is massive- he's connected like Verizon.

   This is cool for reasons that are Legion. For starter's, Jamie is a nice guy who is getting a fat break. Secondlyish, he drops a quote from Out Of The Brew during his segment- Mr Bier Snob is a long-time fan of this page. Thirdly, this may be a recurrent event- which means that if you get off a good line around showtime, you may hear your name dropped on the Deuce.

   The cable TV people have been recording everything you watch for years, so as to exploit you. Offset all the porno and ultimate fighting on your balance with some Cold Pizza. It's good for all of us.


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lurkynat said...

cool Monponsett!