Monday, November 7, 2005

They Still Have Soup

   If you coddle Peyton, smash New England up for 8 games, and take away our best defensive players... they can beat us in a yawner. I just hope we injure Peyton, so he can't enjoy it.

   I'd rather use this space to support T.O.

   I'm a lot like T.O. I say stupid stuff. I'm immature. I'm not the best team player in the world. Pretty much everyone I know thinks I'm some sort of a loser, unless it's dinner time. It's why I like writing so much- sometimes, only the keyboard loves you.

   If I annoy you on AOL, you can imagine how bad I am in person. Try working with me, especially in an invested-emotional job like teaching. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm an ass, and that I could basically give an eff if you like it or not. You knew it when you brought me on board.

   We'd probably have some business AND personal differences in the course of the business day. That's natural, and it can be excused when dealing with a jerk like me. It might even get ugly.

   That doesn't mean that you can hire a "bad-ass-ador" to come in and accuse me of faking an injury, no matter how much you dislike me.

   Try that at your job. Find a disgruntled employee- maybe one who is mouthing off outside the job, one who isn't happy with his salary, or one who you dislike personally. If that employee is unlikable, all the better- especially if you can isolate the person and make them look bad in the media.

   Now... send the 290 pound Badassador in to call that guy out in front of the team. Try to avoid the fact that you're calling out a player over an injury who was the only guy to show up (with a broken leg or something) in last year's Super Bowl... especially while you stick up for the guy who was throwing up in the huddle in that very same Super Bowl.

   I taught in some pretty nasty high schools- Brockton High School, which is terrifying, ranks about 3rd on my list. Only Don King has seen more fights than me. With the exception of outright extortion, I rarely saw a spontaneous fight where one party was exclusively at fault- especially the guy in the fight who is giving up 75 pounds.

   Whoever runs Philly sent a common thug down to deal with a problem the G.M. should have handled with a transaction. When they did that, management lost all credibility in the matter. At least the Mafia enforcers wear suits.

   Even the 52 guys on the team kept their mouths shut- probably because they know they won't win without him. They probably also know that only T.O. and Westbrook- who the management is also trying to nickel and dime- were the only ones who showed up in the Super Bowl. Well, Corey Simon did, too.. .but where did he end up?

   T.O. is right. The Philadelphia Eagles have no class. They're no better than him- in fact, they're worse.



lurkynat said...

Monponsett when you're right, you're right! :):) hugs

geefred53 said...

You are always allowed your opinion, and like a..holes we all have one, in this case I disagree with you...........It's sort of like an orchestra, the lead cello player can be the most talented musician in the orchestra, but if he feels the need to bad mouth the way the percussion section plays, or doesn't heed the conductors directions, it breaks up the continuity needed to play as a group to get the piece preciely right.This is not new in sports, it has happened on many teams in all sorts of team sports.......Plain and simple, T.O. had to go.

monponsett said...

I hear ya, Fred... I'm pretty much an Army Of One in this war.

Let the record show that I feel that T.O.'s contract was negotiated fairly, and that he dishonored himself when he attempted to get out of it the way he did.