Friday, November 11, 2005

Mann To The Fiz-Arm

May as well empty both barrels into cranberry harvesting...


When it gets cold, the cranberries will get all effed up if allowed to freeze on the vine..... so they spray water on the bogs on frosty nights, which forms a frost on the bushes that prevents the berries from freezing somehow.

Yes, I know that doesn't make sense... that's why I don't farm stuff.

My man up on the John Deere Wet Dream (literally)... loosening the berries, which floats them to the flooded surface for cool photo-ops.

I've been negotiating with the Crayola people, hoping to sell them this shade of red. They shot me down over a similar incident last year, when I tried to sell them "Off Whitey."

We visited last year, and explained the process better here... The Million Cran March<FONTCOLOR=#FFFF66>  and here... Mann To The Fiz-Arm

October on Cape Cod ... foliage
Bournedale... ruff-ly the same area
Dog Meets Bog.... yet more cranberries..
A Grassy Noel.....berries



lurkynat said...

Beautiful pictures ,Mon!

geefred53 said...

I agree, they are very nice pictures, good job smurf

sepintx said...

Love the reds and clear blue skies. Nice shots!

lrpatton said...

Monpon....I'm going to "borrow one of these pics for my high school football team and the fans which are called the "Red Sea". Your picture will fit nicely..thanks


vortexgirl said...

These pictures would make a great series of puzzles.  You would go blind after the first one but it would be fun.  :):):)

viviansullinwank said...

What beautiful photos...I've never seen fields of cranberries before...I love cranberries!  Have a great weekend :)

xzasporated1 said...

I like your new journal description.  I changed mine too.

~~ jennifer

ernhrtfanalwys3 said...

I finally sat down and looked up your blog. And let me say I enjoyed it very much. Keep it up! And if  AOL decides to wreck the entire journal community as they were doing earlier today, I'll catch ya on Blogspot or something. I already have one of my blogs there and I may just switch my personal one over too.

treesoup1 said...

Hey monponsett ... what ads are everyone talking about because I want to know if I have any on my blogs cuz I dont see any ads on yours? I have been browsing aol journals and I don't see any ads ... did aol take them off already? What did I miss? The only thing i notice is it's a ___ to post a freakin entry, which does get annoying. Heck, you probably wont get this comment in your mailbox since the end of world is here! LoLoLoLoL!

moltenhalo said...

You made me laugh out loud in my office about the "off whitey" Crayola solor negotiations.  :D  Also, the first time I ever heard of putting water on stuff to keep it from getting killed by a freeze, I was really confused and had to reread it several times.  It was in the Little House on the Prairie book named, "Farmer Boy" when a freeze was going to kill their corn crop and they had to save as much of it as they could.  Just some trivia...  :)  

tc01hm said...

We do the same with strawberries and citrus to keep them from freezing. We do not have to worry except over night as we are in the deep south. Thanks!