Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Looks Like You Can't Go Home Again....

My sister sent me some pictures of the new owner tearing down my old house in Duxbury.


You see... the ceiling had this leak. We tried to fix it, carpenters tried to fix it... kept leaking. You kind of got used to it after a while. The new owner didn't feel that way. You'll also notice that they let my garden go to Hell.


Nice spot.....waterfront, in a rich town. Those little circular windows on the upper floor were actual portholes.


This house survived Hurricane Belle, Gloria, Bob... as well as countless Nor'Easters, including the Clooney-worthy Perfect Storm.


Had the Pilgrims wanted direct waterfront access,,,this could very well have been where they landed. Plymouth Rock is just a short seagull flight south.


I've bought a lot of property in my short (shut up) life.... and it never hurts to remember, when buying real estate, to:

A) Visit it at night, to see how the neighborhood is in the dark.

B) Schedule a visit when it's raining, so as to look for tear-your-house-down-typeleaks

Here's the front view, basically. That's my flagpole.



helmswondermom said...

Sad to see it go! :(
I put something very nice in its stead.

fowfies said...

Shame to tear it down...if you hadnt told me it was being torn down I would think they were remodeling it..some of the stuff looks new in the house! Too bad, looks like it was a really neat house.  Tough house seeing as it survived all of that and is still there...shame to tear it down cause of a leak.

monponsett said...

Before we sold that house, we essentially douched it... new paint, carpets, walls, etc... and the people who bought it went off as well.

The Colonel agrees with your theory about remodeling, and adds that- if they were tearing it all down- they'd just smash it to cinders. The tear-down theory may have ben developed by two overly emotional French sisters who saw someone hacking away at their childhood home.

gehi6 said...

unusual photos.  Glad to hear from you on my photo shoot pic. Came to look for yours.  These photos are so clear.  They serve the purpose of showing us what is happening to your house.   Nice of your sister to send them.  Or did they cause a pang.   Gerry

lurkynat said...

dear Smurfette,
I feel for those people.. great entry Miss Smurfette!

jerseygirlphotos said...

wow, that must have felt surreal seeing what they're doing to your old digs....you'll have to post more of the place when he's done with the renovations...

lurkynat said...

wow you must have felt funny when you saw that..hugs
ps the portholes were my fav , followed by your very own flad pole!

lurkynat said...

umm I meant flag pole!