Monday, April 16, 2007

IIIII got struck by the lightning and the thunder

April 16th 2007 Nor'easter, Duxbury Bee-yach, Massachusetts

When asked about how they deal with these storms, residents of Duxbury Beach point out that the other 364 days of the year rock.


While it looks like pissa surfing seas, you'd end up getting smashed into a 15 foot stone seawall. You don't come back from that...


That's my old yard in Duxbury,,, which I won't be having to tear up and redo, because I live on a hill now.


House As Boat


Someone had to pay the price to capture the feel of this shot... and we all end up paying the price at some point.


That's normally a road and a salt marsh... normally.


One wants to be somewhat set back when taking these kinds of shots. You can get 500 kinds of f**ked up hanging around when the ocean starts fighting the shoreline.


As a teen, I spent (by my own conservative estimate) 100000 nights hanging around on those stairs. It's a fine place to binge drink.


This is one of those waves where you THINK you're far enough back, then learn otherwise. Asians call it "mahapoli," which loosely translates to "soggy Reeboks."


That fence lasted longer than my camera batteries, but not much longer.


The guy with the pickup truck came home from running the Boston Marathon to find his house with an unexpected waterview.
Beats what happened to my neighbors in the Bay:
Bournedale Road is closed, because like 5 of these are happening.
Interesting note, regarding unintended alliteration.... the people involved in this entry were Stacey, Samantha, Stephen and Sheila.


jimsulliv3 said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal. I checked your journal, because I thought it might have been a kid and was pleasantly surprised. Never been in a nor'easter but have ridden out a hurricane or two. From your pictures and the newspaper reports,  it looks like you guy's had your hands full.

I like your sense of humor! Be careful though, I see that your intellect often leaks through. As Ahnold says, "I'll be  bak".


hewasolddog299 said...

Well, Smurf, I see you've survived another douching by Mother Nature. Many happy returns to the Bay.

mariebm56 said...

I am not sure of any damages out in Southampton, we're up high, but we still get wind damage & water damage occasionally.  Back home in Westchester we got over 6 inches of rain, closed many parkways & local roads...
The East End of LI didn't get hit hard, like Westchester.
Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts looks a lot like the Hamptons~

princesssaurora said...

Ain't nor'easters fun!

be well,

lurkynat said...

Dear Green Dragon<
great job!
thanks for the great pcitures and marrative! hope youare well!

gehi6 said...

Gee, I don't believe anybody could beat your entry, I don't even know how to respond, except with shock and amazement.  I am going to send everybody I can over to take a look at his one.  I thought mine was pretty good (flags at half mast at sunset for those who died at Virginia Tech) but I had a dreadful tech problem.  I could not copy and paste the entry link.  Ever try writing out one of those things?  I am so prolific people might give up looking for it in my journal. Gerry  I will be back to study these photos more.