Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April Nor'easter: The Beast Of The East!

 Yes, even more shots of Duxbury Beach getting the beatdown from Mom Nature. Hurricane intensity is measured by wind speed, but locals measure Nor'easter intensity by the length of time it sticks around. While a hurricane does more damage, a Nor'Easter sticks around for 3 days, bringing a distinct brand of mayhem.

Anything more than 4 tides is trouble...and this sonovabitch (we expect 8 storm tides out of it) is Capital T Trouble.


 Say hi to my man Johnathan Livingston Seagull up there in the top center...


 I only show you Duxbury Beach when storms are hitting it... it's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally nice most of the time, honest...

That dark horizontal line is a 15 foot seawall that the ocean has just breeched. Sensible people call this "Evacuation Time," but we just opened more wine. It may have been 11 AM. 


It looks worse than it is. The highest water you see here is spray, which lacks the hitting power of a wave. I also live on a hill, though....

More Storm Photos Below:


The Hood Done Took Me Under ... click that for storm photo damage


IIIII got struck by the lightning and the thunder.. even more storm goodness.. click that



amruschik said...

>>>$100, 000 spent educating me to be a psychologist, and that's the best advice I can offer.
I either rock, suck, or both!<<<

I would say both. You Ruck! or is it you Sock!?  Well, either way you get the idea... :-)

fisherkristina said...

Thanks for sharing the photos.


gehi6 said...

I have never thought of what you might say to a sister who is experiencing this kind of ocean stress.  We did call back and forth when the worst storm in a hundred years hit Utah and Arizona, but that only happens once in a hundred years.  I am just glad I wasn't there when Aunt Anne's basement filled up. I have only experienced your kind of storm in "Perfect Storm" and the like. But I realize that is not the same thing.  Gerry  

monponsett said...

Aunt Anne is dead, so she's not worrying about a wet basement too much.

This beach is actually where the Perfect storm hit in 1991. I was 2 houses over from where these shots were taken for it, terrified.

helmswondermom said...

When I read the IM with your sister it made me think of "Drums, drums in the deep.  We can't get out!"  I hope all in your family made it through that storm with no injuries and little property damage.