Saturday, December 16, 2006

Let There Be Light

I swear that these pictures don't do the house justice... this guy went OFF at the Home Depot this year. He was still stringing up lights when we stopped by, at 10 PM on a Friday night.

I'm told that the neighbors call his house "the land of the midnight sun," and I can sort of sympathize with them. I could have read a bank statement outside by the light this man's celebration put off.

The shrink in me is thinking "overcompensation." This guy must have killed  a reindeer or something, and he's trying to make up for it with a $3000/month power bill.

This dude could probably put a windmill on his roof and save like $3 a month, easy.

 Pretty much exactly what Jesus had in mind... "Thou shalt be able to land jets in thy yard."


His neighbors must be extremely elderly, in Florida, or both. These pictures were taken in the Sagamore area, although I told the guy I wouldn't say which street.


I haven't even put up the tree at my house,yet... may not bother, now. This guy's house can be seen from mine, and why waste electricity?


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lurkynat said...

dear Smurfette
wow..that house is just way spooky Mon!sheesh! it gives me the willy jibies!
(running out the door with my hand in the air)\