Sunday, October 30, 2005


  I got my greedy little hands on a pic of the first snow of the year for Cape Cod. It snowed for about 5 hours, and put a coating on everything. The old timers say that an October snow on the Cape is a harbinger of a bad winter.

   Of course, it will be 68 degrees today, and I'll probably be wearing shorts at some point... gotta love New England.


I wish I took this pic, but... c'est la vie!


  That's not what we're talking about this snowy morning. We're here to talk about a different sort of covering- the NBA's new dress code.

   David Stern and his friends in the NBA have basically decided that young black men can't be trusted to dress themselves.

   You see, kids... clothes do make the man. You can be honorable, work hard, say your prayers, honor thy parents, give tirelessly of yourself to charity, and play harder than anybody in the NBA... but unless you wear a suit while you're doing so, you're basically a thug n*gger.

     It's almost funny. The NBA has generated billions of dollars by exploiting a game that is America's blackest sport... but they get upset that the players dress like young black men.

   IMHO, the prior dress code- where people on the same team wore the same uniform during the games- was good enough for me. A guy who has problems with Carmello Anthony dressing like a 20 year old kid on a plane... well, he's the one with the problem, isn't he?

   If I wear a Lakers uniform to Wall Street, no one would buy stocks off me. That makes sense. If LeBron James wears an LT throwback on a team flight... it has no effect whatsoever on how he does his job.

   The  NBA gives a lot to the kids who play in the game- you really can't be in the NBA anymore without making a million dollars in a year or two. But... they ask a lot of the players.

   No one else in America would have the cojones to claim that they "owned" 12 blacks, but the NBA owners are in that rare air. They can ship these kids around the country- and even out of the country- on a whim.They can find them to be guilty before a trial, and they expect them to tolerate fan assaults with a smile.

   And those millions of dollars? That is simply the end result of the free market, which states that Team A can pay Player A whatever it takes to get him from Team B. If any owner tells you that he's paying those millions to support blacks, you have my permission to laugh in his face.

   The only conceivable argument for this rule is that people are turned off by Black Dress. I'm sure that SOME are... but again, that's just racism. These people see black dress as wrong, and they see the three piece suit as right. Taking the time to get to know the guy under the hoodie just requires too much effort.

   Look at it this way... Shaq can wear a "Stop Snitching" shirt while he hands out piles of Katrina relief aid, and the babies will still drink the milk. Likewise, that pot Clifford Robinson was smoking last year got him just as high in his suit as it would if he walked around in nothing but a thong.

   The LA Lakers sold out every game- with a fat waiting list- while Kobe Bryant was being tried for Rape. He eventually paid the girl to shut up... and he paid the wife he cheated on to shut up, too. He did all of this in a 3 piece suit.

    If the LA fans sold out the Staples Center every night with an admitted philanderer and rape case settlement monster (who has plenty of money to rape again) sitting on their bench... do you think that they'll be turned away if Kobe is wearing sandals?

   Adolf Hitler never appeared in public without wearing a neatly-pressed military uniform, while Jesus dressed in rags. More harm has been done by men in three piece suits than by all the Crips dressing like Allen Iverson in the world, ever.

   I wish the black NBA players would stage a walkout, and we are suddenly left with two leagues- the White Guy NBA, and the hopefully burgeoning And One Tour... and they should refuse to come back until David Stern starts dressing like Flavor-Flav.

   Imagine David Stern trying to make Ron Artest stop visiting those flood victims because he's not dressed like an accountant? Ron is, in Stern's view, an animal... but I don't see Stern and his three piece suit down in Louisiana, talking to those igger-nays who probably deserved it anyhow... because they don't wear suits.


hewasolddog299 said...

I've said it elsewhere, so I might as well say it here. "He who pays the piper, calls the tune." If the NBA says you dress in a blue speedo and a wife-beater t-shirt -- then so be it. It's their league. There are other places to play and other ways to earn a living. Admitedly, playing in Japan when most of the populace can't reach your balls to tickle them might not be the nicest place to work ... but it's a living. $500 a game won't keep you in bling and sneakers, but it IS a salary. And there isn't a single one of these players dressed in gangsta threads that I want to serve as my grandkids' role models...

Assimilate or die. Words to live by, no matter where on the planet you find yourself.

monponsett said...

I would never jump to a corporate tune like that. I'd dress as I pleased, and charter my own flights everywhere. It'd be costly, but I'd insist upon it being covered by my contract. They'll pay, believe you me.

The point is... the NBA is populated by young black men. They tend to dress like young black men. Whoever has a problem with it is small-minded... at best. Whoever complains about NBA dress should ask themselves why they are upset about a grown man wearing a hat on a sports bench. Chances are... the answer will involve racism.

Someone should insist that they clear from the NBA anyone who has bought off a rape victim before they started worrying about my chain. I'd ask the NBA to take off all the bikini model, beer, and cop show commercials from their broadcasts that continually glorify Sex, Drugs, and Violence. I would also insist that the fans be forced to wear suits.

Stern is not making this move out of any morality he may hold- he's doing it to make even more money. He never got up and said, "I'm doing this to make the NBA owners more money."

That's a Hypocrite in my book, as well as a pretty good example of simple avarice. He should be forced to wear a Scarlet Letter for Gluttony.

There are 5 gay men on cable TV who are paid a lot of money to worry about how other grown men are dressing. That's 5 too many, trust me. David Stern should be replaced by someone who isn't 50 years removed from understanding the men who make him Millions and Millions of dollars.

bosoxblue6993w said...

yeah ... but hitler sucked in the Paint.    nor could he play D.

randlprysock said...

Really enjoyed the picture of the snow being I'm here in Florida.  Would love to visit Cape Cod someday!  You really are far north!!  Hugs,

helmswondermom said...

Beautiful pics of the snow, but....NOOOO!  Not ready for snow!  Don't want to hear "harbinger of bad winter."

lurkynat said...

Dear Monponsett,
I didn't realize that soem people are so worried about "black" clothes???? huh??/
(shirks) love,natalie