Monday, June 23, 2008

Sky Of Blue, Sea of Green

Abdullah (on left, standing)- who, I should add, is a Catholic- never was without a cop less than 50 feet from him.


Chris, Marcus and Angela hamming it up at the Boston Massacre memorial.


The blonde is my nanny, Elle.


I love this shot.



Part of the duties of the NBA Finals MVP is to be the first crush for teenage girls in the team's hometown.


The kind of girl that you bring home to mother... if you, for whatever reason, need mother to have a heart attack.


Maybe the best picture that I took personally.


Most towns have a separate, distinct parade where a guy can celebrate being sodomized by another man, but this guy just couldn't wait.


No town has a parade for people painted pure Silver, however.


Enthusiasm was what we were looking for, although cuteness counted, too.


School, or unsupervised at the parade? These dudes made the right choice.


All the noise didn't bother James Otis at all.


The glasses were left over from First Night, but they fit the bill.

If he wasn't dating the girl above, he should be.


Double S tends to go for the Hannah Montana demographic a lot.

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Like I said... pretty much everyone was happy.


Steady mobbin' on the Common.


Hat, banner, leprechaun shirt... ready to roll


Goddamn right, little man.


Look closely, and you'll see that each one of these guys has a 3.5 foot Beat Down Stick.


It's hard goddamned work being Abdullah.


It ain't easy being Rajon Rondo, either....


lurkynat said...

Gee Mon! You really know how to party!

gehi6 said...

I do love these photos, which is the right way to take pictures of an event like this and have them really catch the eye.  Gerry