Sunday, June 22, 2008

quick everyone... stand in front of the giant BEAT LA shirt!


Just like in your hometown, families like to pose in front of the 18 foot "Beat LA" shirt.


That shirt took up 1/3 of Georgia's 2007 cotton crop.


This guy was gesturing towards....

... this kid, who was a cutie.


Speaking of which....

Nor'Easter blues contributor Double S, who was heavily into the rum with Abdullah..


May as well throw in Angela, too.


I almost hired these girls- sound unheard- as my backup singers, except that I don't actually sing.

Well... I do sing... but it isn't pretty. Hence, the pretty backup singers.

We were rolling in a large crowd, so we need to work in all our co-conspirators.




Below, a distance shot, for scale...

More to come....

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lurkynat said...

woah... did 'ya really???? lol!:):):):)
good stuff dragon!