Friday, August 1, 2008

Manny's Last Game In Boston

Cape Cod Today represented hard at Fenway Park for what turned out to be the Boston swan song for Manny Ramirez.

Stunning Steve got the tickets as a tip, which means that either A) they're stolen or B) he had the world's nicest customer.

Either way, he asked me to go with him... after Elle shot him down, but what-ev. We took the T from North Quincy.


My legs are the opposite of that.


The little guy is Super Manny. He was traded for some sucka yesterday.

Manny was my favorite Sock. He had mad dreads, wore his clothes ultra-baggy, moved with a shambling gait, and had that laissez-faire look you see on those tropical people. He also had/has a wonderful swing that is a truly rare combination of power, speed, touch, and guile. He also came up big in the clutch.

He was little Gabrielle's favorite player, too... for all the same reasons as above, except for the baseball stuff. Her kid sister Melissa's favorite is the mascot, Wally- who bears a distinct resemblance to the Cookie Monster.

Manny may have been a pain in the ass to team with, but I- who didn't have to hang out with him- thought he ruled. He'll be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

He's also the Enemy, now... my loyalty is dictated by the laundry.


Our previous surly left fielding slugger... Mr. Jim Ed Rice, who looks like he could throw 5 grown men around if he felt like it.

Surly Boston left fielder extrordinaire, Ted Williams, was unavailable when I started clicking.


Coming off the subway in a mad deep mob, then heading to the game by following the mournful drone of the bagpipes.... can't beat that, kid.

I actually have some better pictures, once I get into my email. Double S knows how to Zoom, and I don't.

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lurkynat said...

Way to go MOnponsett!:):)
Hey I thought you did have nine foot long legs!
hey did you save som popocorn, a sausage and a seat for me?!!!!!
Lucky Girl!:)