Thursday, October 19, 2006

Like gravy to potato, Luke to Darth Vader...

Autumn is the time to put away the boat and get out the puffy jacket. If you see someone wearing shorts and a hooded parka, it must be October in New England.


It's been a mild autumn here in the New Izzy. That Buffalo storm came to us as a nice rain. I was wearing shorts yesterday.


Foliage season down here doesn't peak until Halloween, and we usually get a windstorm before we get the full red/orange/yeller treescape. You get sort of dependent on the North side of the tree here.

Update: I wasn't lying about the windstorm... see?

Strong To Potentially Damaging West Winds May Develop Just Behind A Strong Cold Front Late Friday And Last Through Friday Evening. The Cold Front Will Move Quickly Through The Connecticut Valley By Mid Afternoon Friday... Reaching The Cape And Islands By Early Evening.

After The Front Passes West Winds Will Increase To 25 To 35 Mph With Gusts To 50 Mph Possible. The Strong Winds May Last Through Midnight. Since Most Trees Are Still Fully Leaved... These Wind Gusts Will Have The Potential To Be Damaging.

This picture is probably Art if the camera is in the right hands, but I'm pretty much just some dummy walking around in the forest.


God Damn... brother got shook for his G Unit shoes... in rural Buzzards Bay, MA.


You can dig for clams all year... but the principal manner around here is wading out up to your chest with a fat rake.... a little cold for this blogger, but different strokes/folks.

 Duxbury actually has it better... the tide empties the harbor, and you can sort of walk around in the muck while you dig.

Duxbury Bay


Looking up...

... then down.




firestormkids04 said...

What beautiful pictures!  I love them all, especially the look down and the grounded fuschias.  Thank you for sharing.  How wonderful that you go nominated for the VIVI's.  Congratulations.  Blessings, Penny

lurkynat said...

Great pictures SMurfette! wowie! you are good!

chasferris said...

Gorgeous.  You make New England show its best colors to the world.
By the way, I finally wrote a journal entry about sports:

dpoem said...

Pretty... Everytime I take a picture looking down, my feet usually wind up getting in the way.


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hello, just stopping by to congratulate you on your Vivi nomination and to wish you the very best of luck.  

fisherkristina said...

Congratulations on your VIVI nomination.


pharmolo said...

Congratulations on the nomination for the VIVIs and good luck on November 2nd


helmswondermom said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

davethesod said...


Find out what made a grown man scream like a little girl, when I camped out last night for Halloween.

Make sure you've got a cushion to hide behind and then watch the video here:

lurkynat said...

nice Monponsett! even more fun the second time around! love and hugs, natalie

doyleust said...

Great Blog, and really enjoyed-- sent to a few close friends-- Great Work-

Happy Holidays

The Doyle's