Sunday, July 2, 2006

People saying "Mayday"...cause Mo is kicking like Pele'

I hung out on the beach and caught Onset's wick-wick-whack fireworks last night.  It wasn't that bad, but we were fairly far off, and there was a stiff breeze off the water. Whahhhhhh....

Click to make your own displayThere was a bit of a fireworks war between Onset and some private citizen in Buzzards Bay who may have been in New Hampshire recently. They were the left and right of my viewpoint. Onset probably took it with their finale, but the outlaw probably provided a better show over the half hour I was paying attention.

Anywho... click here for some fireworks: Lady Liberty Fireworks

Good news! Little Katelyn from our poll-fixing efforts last month got her Lou Brock/Carlton Fisk clinic, as well as her fatfat check. The ol' ballfield should be looking a lot better soon. Lou doesn't have a high opinion of using gravel on baseball infields, and I can sort of understand that myself.

Baseball greats present $20,000 check for field (June 30, 2006)

I'm sort of a seriously parochial sports fan, to the point where I resent being called "Yankee" by a southerner... although not for the reason they want me to resent it. I just hate that team.

Still, this was a fun test. It determines the level of Yankeedom or Rebelese in your speech. Give it a shawt!

Are You a Yankee or a Rebel? - alphaDictionary * Southern Accent Test

France beat Brazil at the World Cup yesterday, thus depriving us of a Portugal/Barzil slobberknocker in the semi-finals. Portugal had earlier eliminated David Beckham and England. The winner of France/Portugal gets the dudes who walk out of Italy/Germany.

People are stoked, although I still feel that the worst guy in the NFL is still better than the best guy in World Cup. - 2006 World Cup


lurkynat said...

wow! sounds like you are stoked! Hey I hope things line up well for your 4th!
I love your graphic fireworks! beautiful!
The NFl does have  a lot of talented players! Concering the World Cup, did you see how bad the refs were so far?
and Happy 4th!

geefred53 said...

Ever since you started blogging ( and we've known each other that long) I have understood maybe a handful of your blogs. I think you are very talented but in your own world, then again I might be a dope in my own world, you GO girl :>)

lurkynat said...

hugs Monponsett! hey please go comment on my Boston story! :( John asked us to enter a blog but yuo are teh Queen of Cape COd! And in fact youare features in this story! go look! love and hugs, natalie