Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Cape Cod Tunnel Is Flooding

Gas $$$ in The Vineyard
This  photograph was taken today at the foot of Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard.

Thought you all might like this....

I go to the Christmas Tree Shop in Sagamore today, for "storm supplies" (I ended up buying a spice rack). As I'm leaving, I thinks to myself, "Self.... you'd better gas up the SUV in case the power goes out tomorrow."

So... I pull into the little CITGO station at the bottom of the hill. There are several people there as I do so. Three of them are fueling up their fishing boat (grand total... $207.86), and one other guy is in full military dress. I hopped out of the Jeep to settle the bill with the pump jockey.

The fishermen are the typical old salts you see all over Cape Cod. The military man is perhaps 18, and he walks over to the salts to get directions to the Coast Guard Station. I swear that I saw the fishermen exchange a quick glance at each other, then they turned their attention to the young man.

"Down on the left, about two miles..... first day?"

"Yes, Sir... I report today."

"You know there's a tropical storm coming, son?"

No, Sir."

"Jesus, boy... where you from?"

"Iowa, Sir."

"Iowa! What the hell are you doing in the Coast Guard?"

"I wanted to see the world. I've never been anywhere but Iowa, Sir."

"Oh... you'll see the world, all right... you'll see it like this (he begins to bob violently up and down, to mimic the seasickness-thing that boats do). Ever been on a boat?"

"Yes, Sir... my father took usfishing on the lake every weekend."

"That's a lake, boy... you're going on an ocean. Whole other animal."

The second fisherman jumps in at this point. "Do they still tie cadets to the back of the cutter and drag them, as a sort of initiation?"

"Not in a storm... they lose too many sailors overboard. They'll just leave him on the deck. You know how to swim, son?"

"Yes, Sir. I, ummm (he pauses, figuring out that this will draw derisive comments from the sea dogs), , was in the YMCA as a kid."

"That's a pool, son. This is an ocean. Big diff'ence."

"Just remember," says salt #3, "you don't have to swim faster than the shark. You just have to swim faster than everyone else around you when you see the shark. That'll add 8-10 minutes to your life expectancy."

"The shark'll grab him right off the side of the boat. They wait for the seasick ones to lean over the side, then CHOMP!" He puts the heels of his hands together, and makes his fingers look like teeth closing violently.

I don't want this story to be too salty, but I will say that the kid was buying this hook, line, and sinker. I actually saw him blanch a bit. The sea dogs had this kid over the barrel, and they were sticking it to him like Deliverance. I almost expected the kid to begin squealing.

You know I had to get in on this.

There was a rosary hanging from my rear-view. It was in the car when I bought it, and I left it up... even though I'm not at all religious. Now, I know why I left it. I ran over to the kid, gave him a rather emphatic hug, and began speaking to him in a  tongue that was all French... I was banking on him thinking I was Italian.

"Oh, you poor imbecile. Can't you see that these men are trying to scare you?"

If you've read Dracula, think of the part where Harker says he's going to Castle Dracula, and the gypsy girl puts a crucifix on his neck and beseeches him not to go.... in Romany. Where Harker thinks he heard the word "undead" in her speech, I saw a chuckle from one of the fishermen which showed that he picked "imbecile" out of my speech. "Imbecile" in French is "imbecile," btw.

I even hung the Rosary around his neck. If there is a God, I'd bet that even He would see the humor in it, and not penalize me for "improper use of a Rosary." He'd probably get in on the joke Himself, with a few well-timed thunderbolts.

A very religious young Italian woman and three old New England sea dogs are going to be too much for anyone from Iowa to handle, especially where he was already pretty nervous about his first day on campus. P.J. O'Rourke, on driving through Iowa... "Corn corn corn Wal-Mart corn corn corn Nebraska."

Too much culture shock is bad for a kid who is now convinced that he has about 12 hours to drown, get eaten by a shark, or both. I felt badly for the ruse, but I got over it quickly enough.

After the kid left, the pump jockey related a tale about another recruit who was reporting earlier that day. They'd had a similar conversation, and the attendent had asked if the kid had ever been on the ocean before.

"Sure have.... I grew up on an island."

"Really? Which one?"



helmswondermom said...

You are an evil, evil woman, aren't you?  That poor kid!

cneinhorn said...

OMG!!! You all were bad bad bad!  My salty tale teller will be up your way as soon as the storm passes.  They're jogging the seas off the coast of Long Island right now.  

lurkynat said...

hilarious! :):0 and so cool that Jenny popped up to say hi! Dag Jenny!:0
hey Monponsett (wink) you never said what he said back at you! Ah but I totally admire your "esprit du corps" and wink Chevalier had nothing on you (or Becall) in that lithesome moment!

dornbrau said...

Smurfette, you're rotten and you know it!  
At any rate, be safe.  Hopefully you won't be needed the services of the Coast Guard any time soon, because something tells me that poor cadet is going to remember you.

monponsett said...

It was nothing. You could have had a picnic.

geefred53 said...

< smile, nice that you mentioned the Coast Guard and Brooklyn in the same blog ;>)

lurkynat said...

hey Im so glad yuo survived this one! hugs,nat

monponsett said...

As long as I remember to speak French when he's rescuing me (and I have a tendency to lapse into French when I get upset, as my husband can tell you), I should be a-ight. I swim like a fish, though... no one from Iowa will be saving me in the oean.'

"She's tough... she's a harbor chick."

mtrib2 said...

I thought your re-telling of the story is hilarious!    You definitely are a writer that knows how to hold the readers attention.    Since I am having problems keeping up with journal alerts I am putting you on my sidebar so I can visit your journal.    I have another journal:

It is my art journal with a few photo entries.