Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Going on the IR

   Your humble author has been less than well lately, so Team Monponsett physicians have ordered me to rest. Fear not, though... Sloppy Dog has come forth to head enterprises here while my I recover.

   Sloppy Dog is quite a sport in her own way. Her principal recreations are chasing her tennis ball, schnuff fights, Sloppy walks (usually held in Sloppy Park, Sloppy Beach or Sloppy Dog Bog) and swimming in Sloppy Bay.



She also does charity work.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Pets at Play


delela1 said...

What?  No bestowing of Sloppy Kisses for the one who makes wishes of swimming come true.

So, do you find when you are ready to stop because your arm is about to fall off, the dogster is just warming up and raring to go?

monponsett said...

If fetch becomes tiresome for me, I just throw the stick deeper in the water, making her swim further.

delela1 said...


Rumbeau is obsessed...seriously obsessed.  We always warn people, "Don't throw the stick."  They never listen.  But Rum does understand the words, "Take your stick and go lay down," which he does, as he proceeds to chew the stick into tiny bits (frustration?).

lurkynat said...

Dear Monponsett
youare sucha delight! hugs

artloner said...

Feel better, chicky.


cneinhorn said...

sloppy dog is adorable.  my captain pooch would eat him up, LOL  hope you're feeling better by now.