Sunday, May 23, 2004

Banners and Nicknames for the NE Pats

         If they ever do move the Patriots to Southie, they should call them the Boston Massacre....or maybe the Boston Stranglers.

    Brady's nickname? Touchdown Tommy? Champagne Tom? I like The Lord Of The Rings, too. If Mr. Brady reads this, I do have a Celebrity Escape Clause in my marriage vows, and look sort of like a young Holly Hunter.

    I do think that the right banners would add an element of Intimidation to a team visiting Foxboro. We'd probably have to rent a plane for our "Rip Out Their Hearts And Show It To Them Before They Die" banner.

Other Banners You Won't Be Seeing

"Bring Back Mount Washington"

If Ty escapes prosecution...
"Ty Fought The Law, and, Ty Law Won".

"Rollin' on E, and he's still shutting down your WR"

"Our Coach Should Be Running The Iraq War"

"The People Sitting Behind Me Can't See"

"Bring your kids to sit with 60,000 drunks"

"My friends are still on Route One"

"Visit Foxboro...then leave, afterwards"

"Actually, that Is my Cousin's suitcase"

"Our Nose Tackle scored "Cro-Magnon" on the Wonderlich"

"With a name like Asante, he'd better be fast"

"Behold the Patriot Missile"

"He's 'Koppen' an Attitude"

"Bring Back The Woody"

sign held by a bunch a frozen, screaming, shirtless drunks..."Belly-Check!"

"Team? 65% black. Town? 96% white"

"Don't see Lee Johnson? Charlie Weis ate him"

"Romeo, Romeo..."

"17 Beers, 4 Hour Ride in an RV Back To Maine"

"Rodney 3:16...Thou Just Got Thy Arse Handed To Thee"

"Lawyer Who?"

"Don't Blame Canada...Blame Yourself"

"Our Kicker Took Down Herschel"

"Our Coach Can Beat Up Your Coach"



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