Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Even Mo' Fenway Pics

More pics of our trip to Fenway, courtesy of my travelling companion

Blessing the Fenway since 1912.

It was the last night ast Fenway for my Manny below...

He does look sort of sad and lonesome in that shot, no?


Looking the opposite of sad and lonesome...


When Jim Ed Rice gets sad and lonesome, people get hurt.


Our Papi, who art in Boston....


Who wears a blue and red cape and flies over Boston... um, LA?



Josh Beckett was throwing in the 90s, but he got lit up like a fatty.

King George should be able to read that John Hancock from England.


An unexpected treat was the grounds crew smoothing out the field by a sort of synchronized raking.


As you can see, they straight waxed our ass.


We were a little slow on the camera work when they had one of those secret meetings on the mound, but we got this shot.


The view from our seats, which were $50 a pop/


naperdillygirl said...

Amazing pictures......from a true blue Red Sox fan, (although my heart will always be with the Cubbies)! :0) N.

katscandle said...

Hey, nice pics!  You have to admit that at least Manny played a good last game for the Sox....
His bat will be missed, but his attitude.....not so much!


lurkynat said...

beautiful Kiddo!
hey Smurfette you must have had atotaly blast!
love and hugs, natalie
p.s. great!