Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I move like there's po-po behind me, cocoa inside me, so cold and grimy...

We had some snow yesterday, hence the "cocoa inside me" line.

While I didn't look up the lyrics, I'm pretty sure that Lloyd Banks meant "co-co," as in cocaine... but the Smurf isn't really into stuff like that, as Pepsi makes me jittery enough.

Bobby Heenan, on Jaclyn Hyde: "She makes coffee nervous."
Ever see a salt water bay freeze? Now ya have!
Buttermilk Bay has melted since I took this, but it's not unusual for it to freeze up during a cold snap. I wouldn't recommend skating on it, as salt doesn't freeze with any great stability.
A little frozen ocean doesn't stop the hard-working guys from the F/V American Beauty:
God bless the fishermen, because working the North Atlantic in February is thankless, dangerous work.
This dude was actually hauling up seaweed. My guess is that he uses it to wrap lobster in for retail sales, or he favors the Asian custom of eating seaweed. I didn't bother to ask the man, to be honest...
Street sign for polluters who don't know what "prosecuted" means:
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princesssaurora said...

Great pics... and you are right... the fishermen have thankless and dangerous jobs!

be well,

randlprysock said...

Awesome pictures!!  I would love to visit Cape Cod someday!!  Maybe when it is a bit warmer though.


lurkynat said...

Dear Smurfette
beautiful pictures buddy! thanks!