Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Video Killed The Internet Star

Things really aren't going well for your favorite Smurf. I've been laid up for months, and it has hindered my ability to type for a long time. I've had to get all my snarkiness out in comments, many to the poor bloggers on this site.

Anywho... I owe you all an entry. I want it to be as much fun as I can make it, without making my arm go numb (which happens when I type a lot). So, I surfed a bit... and came up with these videos:


Richard Dudley : [OT] Squirrel Launcher 

"I was shocked when I saw this, and felt a great sense of pity for the poor squirrel... then I went out and built one myself."

I have no idea if the squirrel lived/broke bones/enjoyed herself etc... but I can't get away from the thought of a young couple walking hand in hand down a quiet suburban street. They love each other, and they suddenly pause in the street and exchange a gentle first kiss... and then a flying squirrel slams into their faces at 110 mph.

Life is good... unless your name isn't Rocket J Squirrel, but you look like him.

No... the author is not related to Big Dick Dudley of ECW fame.


Tiger Shot

I hit shots like this at the minigolf in Wareham pretty much all damn day.

A girl I went to high school with is pretty high up at Nike, and she said that the ball pausing at the cusp of the hole- while giving you a nice view of the Nike logo- added two kids to her marriage.


Dalmation dog riding a bike in Japan - Google Video

Once I taught Sloppy Dog how to drive my Jeep, she's never home anymore... and she comes home smelling like cat.

I'd advise against this, as dogs don't know the rules of the road, and could get run over by a cement mixer fairly easily while blowing off a stop sign. They could also wander into someone's squirrel catapult, and get flung into Plymouth County. I've seen it happen.


Hamster Escape

If the film The Shawshank Redemption were made with hamsters, this little fella would have Samuel L.'s Oscar.

I'm still trying to find the other great hamster video in my bookmarks- no, it doesn't involve Richard Gere. It's a hamster who must be on some Barry Bonds steroids, and gets to spinning a bit too fast in the hamster wheel, before gravity takes over.


Parking Lot Fight Sucker Punch 1991 - Google Video

Enough cuteness... let's see someone get popped!

Drunks like to look for small people to bully, especially if they're hanging out with a really pretty girl. This can be a bad move, because that hand on her shoulder can easily become a fist in your face. Considering how hard this guy's head hit the concrete, I'm amazed he bounced right back up.


Spirit of Truth

This guy preaches at the Dolemite Baptist Church. I've heard about religious folk who could cuss (they say Stonewall Jackson may still hold some kind of record), but this guy makes Scarface look like a Seventh Heaven  episode.


randlprysock said...

Entertaining as always.  Hope you feel better!!  Hugs,

lurkynat said...

very nice Smurfette!everytihgng except that Smurfette crying sigh
Come on Monponsett! What does teh docotr say? are you starting to feel any better?

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