Friday, January 20, 2006

Look Who Came To Dinner....

   The Belly Check  has gone on a Bobby Sands-like hunger strike to protest the officiating in the New England/Denver game. Much like the Harvest, we will return in the fall... angry and perhaps renamed. Until then, High Above Courtside  has a houseguest.

   Still, there are people all across the world that can't bet their hard-earned money until they know just what the good people of Buzzards Bay think, and who am I to interfere with the War Economy? Still, it's an ugly game to wager on. 

  How do we call a game between The Chin and a team that I truly feel didn't earn their spot in the title game? I hate Denver, and I wish Sasquatch rape on all of their fans.... but it's wrong of me to do so.    

  As a WWE fan (it's real to ME, man), I learned long ago that you can't fault a man for taking the last slice of pizza. There are a lot of guys on Chump Street right now who failed to take opportunities that were handed to them, and Denver's place in the AFC title game is proof that Poppa didn't raise no punks.   

   I myself said that the conference finals has a No Bozo policy, and Denver- however they did it- are still drinking when just about everyone else in the bar are resting their heads on the table or vomiting in the parking lot. Some teams are Unstoppable, and some are Immovable.... and others simply don't lose. Denver seems to be in the last category.   

   Denver has thrown a little, run a lot, played tight D and beaten everyone that wanted some. Pittsburgh hosted last year's AFC title game, and just knocked off the Media Champions. They were all over Indy like salt on a peanut...Squirrel, please!   

   In fact, it should be a helluva game. I want snow, and probably won't get it. Both teams can run it, and this may look as much like a 1940s game.. minus the black guys, the hippy QB, and the popular German QB.

   How will it end? Pittsburgh whaled on the team that curb-stomped Denver out of the playoffs last year. John Denver eliminated the guys who ended Pittsburgh's season last year.   

   If I get what I want, Denver will stop Pittsburgh's running game.... only to lose the game due to horrific ref calls that repeatedly hand them the ball on the Denver one yard line.

   Take that, you Rocky Mountain SOBs!!  

   Pittsburgher, 17-16


lurkynat said...

Dear Monponsett,
Whoah! ~~~~~~~~~~~

moltenhalo said...

I don't normally like music on a website, nor allow it to play when it tries to, but I really liked the music you had playing.  :)  Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, I'm in a new city, new job, no personal computer, wife and child 450 miles away...  Things will sort out soon, but not yet.  Nice music...  :)