Thursday, June 8, 2006

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Spending a night at the cottage seemed like such a good idea last night. Then, it started raining... and kept raining. It rained all morning, until I had to find an alternate exit route out of the village.



Nice pond, huh? Too bad it's supposed to be a grove. I offered to name this "Ted Lake" after AOL CEO Ted Leonsis for $5,000, but he didn't get that rich buying lakes from people named "Smurf."



One bonus: We now have a water park... complete with a water slide. No lines, either.



Everyone liked it except Sloppy Dog, who is closer to the ground than most of us. She wants Sloppy Park back.


cneinhorn said...

yea, that alternate route of transportation you need is called a boat!

dpoem said...

Zounds!  I'm glad I've got a snorkle on my Jeep for just such an occasion.  Poor Sloppy Dog.  If I send you some money, will please get Sloppy Dog some swimming lessons?  


monponsett said...

She's part Lab...she swims like a fish, albeit a fish doing the dog paddle.

tc01hm said...

I can feel for you having done Katrina! Hope all is better!