Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Entertainment 4 U

San Diego at New England, next weekend!

That's right, folks. Peyton Manning is no longer in the dance. His Colts were the last team that had a chance to beat us, IMHO. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us), the Colts gagged like they did a fat line yesterday.

Prepare for the Belichick/Norv Turner duel, which is essentially a martial artist fighting an infant. The winner gets the winner of Green Bay/NY Giants. I don't want to say that the real Super Bowl is happening next week in Foxy Bro... but goddamnit, look what I just did!

While rooting for Patriot domination, I'll be hoping that Stephen Cooper ( Stephen Cooper (American football) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) of Wareham has a good game.

Green Bay put the boots to Seattle, and the Giants gave Tony Romo the chance to spend January in Fiji watching Jessica Simpson fill out a bikini. Dallas pretty much got out-muscled. Eli is now the only Manning brother with a chance to win it all.

"Chance," in this case, meaning "if the Patriot's plane crashes."

They have to get by Brett Favre first, and I have to admit that part of me (most likely the part that grew up watching the Yankees kill us every year) would be rooting for BF to knock off the Beast if they met us in the Super Bowl.

Of course... a much larger part of me would be wishing that someone broke his leg and made him cry for his big, fat Momma. Eff Brett Favre.

Incidentally... Boston is the only town where Brett Favre gets his last name pronounced properly. We drop our "R" sounds, you see. It's like "carve," but with an "F" at the start. It's best pronounced by a Cajun, then a Frenchman, then a Bostonian.


It's Extreme Sports Monday, Butch!

Volcom | Youth Against Establishment - BLOGS... Attention all surfers! Volcom.com is offering $10K for whoever produces a film of someone doing a kickflip on a surfboard.

While not impossible, you're going to be falling in and out of the water like a Shark Fondue as you try to learn.

This is 90% of one, in case you don't speak Surfer or Skater... YouTube - Surf Kickflip filmed by Bill Bryan from the tenthstreetbros


Nutcase Running at Full Speed Attempts to Jump a Moving Car - NothingToxic.com

 I can do this, actually... although my version would involve the car striking me first, then flipping me over  the hood/roof/trunk.

This, like ski jumping, is one of those sports that I can't comprehend the entailed learning process. I would imagine that one starts off jumping off/over something smaller, then working your way up to absolute foolhardiness.

Still... there's that area between when you flip over a picket fence and when you start running full speed at a Chevy. That is where my mind blows when thinking on the matter.


 My Dog Eats Flint, too: A Day in the Life of Bill Belichick

 11:45: Bill Belichick finds the author of this article and turns out his mother.

Bill is the evil genius, he can control the weather (expect snow for the game this weekend against the southern California team), and he's a Nantucket guy. He deserves better than this.


http://www.ejb.com/video/16770/Slam_dunk_almost_fatal.html.... never buy a Robespierre basketball hoop.

I can dunk (off a chair) at the lower hoop at the Chandler Elementary School in Duxbury. I have no hops whatsoever.


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ma24179 said...

I went to the "nothing toxic" site to read more about the car jumping guy but unfortunatley it was a video and I had to turn around. Yes..my dial up sucks lol! All I can say is that it is extreme but I really don't see it any more risky than skydiving or bungey jumping. Hope you have a good day. -Missy